Tuesday, June 29, 2004

KK CNY trip

KK - Kota Kinabalu trip

English Version (Chinese version will be upload later)

My very first Chinese New Year holiday is go to Kota Kinabalu, our target is Mount Kinabalu, world famous mountain. Lot of climbers like to climb this mountain. As we knew it is a cold place, so we like to try to stay overnight there.

We all, me, Ying, BoTa and his wife, Lian begin our journey is to drive, yes, we have to drive from Seria to Miri as it is the cheapest way to travel from Brunei to KK, Sabah, East Malaysia. We arrived Miri at around 10:30am, try to find BoTa friend, but he is NOT in, so how. Luckily Ying call his son, and his son advice us to call his Miri friend. After make some calls to the friends, we manage to contact one of his friend, and he promise to wait us at Miri airport. We met him at the airport, and hand the key to him, so he can drove the car back to his house. We do not want our car disappeared when we came back from KK. This is the safe way of doing it.

We arrived KK in the afternoon as our flight is via Labuan, waited for half an hour(cannot go to Labuan airport to have a look). Took a taxi to hotel.

After 1 and a half hour, we arrived Kota Kinabalu National park. Wow, cold air and feeling really good. About half and hour, we settled all the checked in procedure. We paid RM$5.00 for they to pick us to the resourd house. The house seem okay, have a big living room, 2 room, one have double storey bed, one have queen size bed, just suite for 4 of us.

We checked all the facilities, they ready for you all the kitchen stuffs, like dishes, chopstick, spoon and fox, cups and many others. The bath room have hot shadows, good for who scare of cold water.

After checking and putting all our stuffs. We cannot wait and starting to go outside the house. We really like the weather, not so cold. We walk slowly, take picture, and Bota is taking some video. We chat and laught. Oh, yes, I
forget Lian sickness is just recover, seem a low mood, but after we arrived here, she seem a bit better. Ying said this sister is always like that, cannot go to travel...

We wait and finally our Seria, Brunei Darussalam and Sabah's friend arrived. They brought us lot of food, chicken, rice, soya source, oil and even some suger and salt. That why we have gret dinner that day, steam chicken with soup, get the chicken vegetable soup, soya source vegetable, geel hungry on this cold weather. So night eating and chatting was happy.

We wait for the rain to stop. Then we quickly decided to go to the restaurant. It only take about 6 minutes to go to the restaurant. We only ordered local coffee, but found that the taste is too poor to drink and even did not drink all of it, although it contain about 400cc. Luckily the restaurant atmosphere is good, group of young people playing guessing game. Full of laugh.

We back to our room at around 10pm. Light up the wood fire, feeling was great. Just like back to the childhood to playing the burning fire game. Finally we decided NOT to sleep in the room, we moved all the bed to the living room, four of the bed in the living room, so you can think how big of his this living room. Chatting and listening Radio 5 from Kuala Lumpur radio station. Can heard Chinese New Year songs once a while, but it was a special
Chinese New Year for 4 of us. Lian quickly fall asleep, 3 of us chatting until mid night. Ying told almost her life story, starting from childhood. What a sad and pity story. I mention I even can write a book for her story, may be it is a good idea for me to write. The most important thing she told me is her marrigement. How she kick out of her husband, how she hardly little money for her 2 poor child;a daughter and a son. How she rushed down to Miri, Sarawak after work at every Friday. To visit his son and daughter studying. How Bota(her brother in law) drove her down to Miri, and even someone think that BoTa is her husband. Bota did not care about others what to say.

2nd Day at National Park 
We wake up earlier at about 6:30am, although we chat until mid-night last night. Ying and me practice QiGong, BoTa sit in front of the corridor, just watch the changing of the cloud, feel the cold air, watch the disappearing mountain, then you can view the mountain very clear after wind blow the cloud. Scenery kept changing. It’s fell really nice in this morning.
Lian prepared the break, the easy way breakfast, Indo Mee. We ate happily then have to be fast cause of the cool weather.
There was still raining. At around 9am, the rain become small, I suggested go to a walk, so we quickly make the decision and take a walk. The road is going up and sometime going down. We have to take it careful when walking, I on my mini radio to listen to Radio 5 which broadcast from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I took some photos and BoTa  shooting video.
We found some small stream and like to feel the cold water, we laughed and cleaned our hands. After 1 hour, we did not found the path we wanted. So we decided keep walking, walking. Take some photo, rest and keep walking.
It’s keep raining, and sometime it stopped.
After 2 hour, we found we were on the path to the climb mountain. The starting point to climb the mountain. Bota quickly went in and ask us to go inside. We made a few steps and saw some beautiful scenery.
The raining is getting heavy. So we took a rest in a small hug. Wait until 11:40am, seemed the rain did not want to stop, so we decided to walk back ignoring the big rain. We backed to our house near 12 noon. Everyone seemed tired but BoTa have to prepared lunch. He quickly prepared the dishes and we ate quickly too. All of us took a sleep in the afternoon, too tired for 2 hours walking.
BoTa order the fire wood for fire wood burning.

To be Continue...

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