Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Dumpling Day 2004

Dumpling Day 22nd-June-2004

The 4 secret guys at seria beach!

That day we have a very good mood to go to the Seria, Brunei Beach during Dumpling Day, they also called dragon boat day.

That afternoon raining dog and cat! My friend Ying saying she do not want to go anywhere during that day, that time I just having my special free time on this dumpling day. I just have a free afternoon holiday, I enjoyed it and go to Ying's house for surfting, it is also my regular thing.

After 5:30pm, the raining stop. I called Ba Ge's and his wife answering the call, she invite her elder sister who just came from Kota Kinabalu last week for holiday. She agreeded to go to the beach.

So I told Ying saying:" Hey, the rain is stop, we are going to the beach!". Ying agreeded.

So I drove my car to pick Ba Ge's elder sister and her son, Ba Ge's daughter. So 5 person: me, Ying, elder sister and her son and Ba Ge daughter having happy feeling go to the Seria Beach.

After 7 minutes, we arrived Seria beach, not much people like last 2,3 years before. There are crowded or people at the sea side, just watch the sea, talking, walking alone the beach. That day I just saw a few people, not more than 50 people at the beach, some draw a small battery car, some bring their pet, dog, some even bring their small infant, Ying say why people want to bring infant to the beach. It was quite cold that day as raining.

That day just not so many people in Seria Beach.

I quickly took some photos, and record 1 minutes movie. Shooting to the 4 person, they are talking and laughting, do not know why they laught some loud. We feel happy that day just walking and talking, about 6pm, started raining. So we quickly make up our mind back to the car.

I drove my car to go around to view the one of the seria scenery: one billion bellen of crude oil (status), and go to OGDC - Oil and Gas Discrovery Centre. As it is still raining, we did not come down to take photos. So have to take the photo other days.

So it is a happy dumpling day

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